Can Marvel Really Do Another Blade Movie?

Blade 4 Movie Discussion

Why It's a Good Idea

Just looking at the material itself –a vampire that hunts vampires is an awesome thing. The whole daywalker concept from the original movies has been adapted to the comics (as well as Blade's extra-dour attitude) making him an amazing anti-hero. Getting him put on film once again would be right in Marvel's ballpark. The ever-secretive lives of vampires allows for Blade and his villains to go about doing their stuff without crossing too many paths with the other MCU characters (which is great for avoiding narrative loopholes). Blade is one of the few films that strayed away from the comic books and is all the more better for it (take the introduction of new characters like Whistler for example).

One of the first major successful Hollywood films to feature a Marvel comic book character was none other than the vampire hunting Blade. And his film (entitled Blade no less) was a surprise “hit” –considering that Howard the Duck (which preceded it) was an abysmal failure and had a character that was more marketable to a larger audience. But film audiences loved Blade, comic-hero or not, this was an action film series that viewers could enjoy. A modern take on it that adds him into the greater MCU continuity would just be adding more good things to something with a lot of already great potential.

Perfect Timing

Most comic book fans already know the story of how Marvel, a few decades ago, started selling off film rights to various characters. This allowed the struggling comic company to stay afloat while various film studios tried to figure out how to make good movies. It has been years since, and many of the rights have reverted back to Marvel (allowing for the MCU), while Sony and Fox remain as holdouts (with Sony agreeing to a co-produced Spider-Man franchise and Fox being stubbornly separatist from it all), other rights, like Blade, have finally come back home to roost.

Marvel is already doing their whole Heroes-for-Hire/Defenders thing with the Netflix shows (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones), but they also have regained all the rights to do the Marvel Knights (Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Blade, etc) –which, by our own humble opinion, is a far more interesting team than the Defenders. The Netflix incarnations of the Man without Fear and Frank Castle has been extremely well received by fans, and both Ghost Rider and Blade are due for a good film reboot (more so with Ghost Rider, as we all just want to forget about that horrible Nicolas Cage adaptation). Of course, there is always the possibility that Blade doesn't get adapted for film, but gets a TV/Netflix series treatment instead (considering the not so-complex SFX needed for vampire-themed narratives, this is entirely plausible).

Sorry Snipes

As we said, there's a rumor that Wesley Snipes was not at his full acting potential when doing Blade Trinity (stories about him being super stoned during shoots are abound on the internet), and yet, if this is the reason why Blade always looks so bored and disinterested in the chaos that is erupting all around him, then maybe having the actor seem stoned is the right way to go. The way that Snipe's Blade seems so disconnected in the struggles of the other characters and yet still so fantastically efficient in combat has created an all new film-persona that many audiences loved (we did too). Film Blade was a daywalking vampire who felt that everything that needed to be done was a massive chore for him to accomplish; watching him express contempt at everything, including the fact that he's a vampire hunter who needs to hunt vampires, feels like the most natural thing. If Marvel is going to do another take on Blade, we really wish to still see this.

One thing that we all have to remember though; there is a possibility that Wesley Snipes will not be back in the very same role of the character that he helped bring to fame. And this has nothing to do with the rumors, but rather because of the unfortunate fact that Snipes, unlike Blade, is a normal mortal being who ages. And present day Snipes is too old (facially speaking, we're all but certain he's still physically able to do all the crazy stunts) to come back to the role (but we'd love to see him do a cameo), and this is critical if Marvel is planning to have Blade appear in films post-phase-three (imagine how old Snipes will be by 2020). Unless they are planning to do an old man version of Blade, a recasting may be in order.

4 or Reboot?

Since this is the MCU-verse we're talking about. It will certainly be a reboot –in the sense that Blade has to be brought into the continuity. But this does not necessarily mean that everything we have seen in the old trilogy will be completely taken out. MCU-Blade can have a very similar back story, and that will give fans of the older films something nice to associate with. Of course, it also means that we can have fan favorite, movie-only characters like Whistler back.