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Our Top 10 Vampire Movies of All Time

Vampire movies tend to deliver a very specific kind of thrill for horror fans -while vampires are indeed powerful and dangerous, they are less reviled as monsters or demons. Instead, they tend to occupy that one very unique spot of being both undead yet glamorous. There is a temptation in the concept of a vampire -the ability to become a powerful un-ageing being through vampirism is double-edged immortality that audiences find so easy to relate to. They are one few horror monsters that viewers are not only afraid of, but also want to become. View our Top 10 Now.

Salems Lot

You guessed it, and we will say it: the main protagonist in ‘Salem’s Lot is a writer. Now let’s put that out of the way and talk about the dreary little town of Jerusalem’s Lot. Sure, the book gives it a nickname that makes you think of witch burnings, but this story is about a different kind of supernatural evil, that of the undead, blood-sucking kind. The book feels like it is done in two parts -first, there’s the big setup. Readers are introduced to the town, its quaintness, and the oddity of the people who live there. The next part of the book sees vampires cutting a swathe through the previously introduced characters (either killing or turning them), and showcasing the story’s main protagonist holding their very standoff against the vampires. Read our Review.

Cool Vampire Games

Bloodlines 2: Vampire the Masquerade

In a reactive storytelling universe set in Seattle, you will become a vampire overnight getting caught in the crossfire of the bloodthirsty gangs. With different outcomes abound your fate is sealed by your own choices with unique scenarios depending on how you choose to navigate through the game. You will have two chances to customise your character, before (when your human) and after the embrace. In fact, Hardsuit Labs https://www.hardsuitlabs.com/ look to be bringing one of the best character creators to PC and PS4 which is getting a lot of vampire fans stoked! Featured recently on creation game https://www.creationgame.net/ bloodlines 2 is being touted as an excellent story-driven action RPG games such as Skyrim, Fallout series and many more. We will post an update for the game here nearer to it’s launch.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

The fact that Lords of Shadow 2 picks up its action several generations after original Lords of Shadow was set may make players feel a little isolated from the action and the universe they’re used to. The plot also becomes a lot more contrived than it previously has been, playing up the martyr complex of the main character who, to be fair, has had quite a hard time in losing his wife and his son while pursuing the battle against the evil that forms the basis of the Castlevania series in the first place. Visit the official site here https://www.konami.com/games/castlevania/eu/en/ or Read Our Review

Incredible Dracula Chases Love!

In Dracula: Chasing Love, the count is ready for a serious relationship. To meet the woman of his dreams, he posts an online dating profile. Unfortunately, as with many web romances, the beauty he thought he had connected with isn’t all she had seemed to be. Not only does she look different from her picture, but she’s also a human being. Everyone knows humans hunt vampires. The princess, on the other hand, is convinced that the two of them are perfect for each other. Read Our Review.

Dracula Love Kills

In Dracula: Love Kills, the Queen of Vampires intends to wipe out the human race by turning everyone into bloodsucking monstrosities and ruling over the world. Developed by Waterlily Games, this hidden object game incorporates puzzles and adventure elements to tell the tale of an unlikely alliance. Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition is an integrated strategy guide, bonus wallpapers and a final chapter which wraps up the storyline of Love Kills. This game has two modes of play: Easy and Hard. There are no sparkle trails in the latter and hints take a while before they are available for use. Read Our Review.

Draka and Drake 2: No More Christmas

Physics puzzle games are in such abundance in the flash world that the time has long passed since the genre itself became drenched in faceless, generic titles with unremarkable gameplay and forgettable designs. This is why it’s such a remarkable event when games like Draka and its sequel, Draka 2: No More Christmas, make their way onto the scene.

These games aren’t new by any means, but their ghoulish style – these games are reminiscent of the gothic style of Tim Burton – and their Cut the Rope-like gameplay ensure that players are going to have the most amount of dark, twisted fun that’s possible to have in a physics puzzle game. Not only this, but the fact that there’s also an anti-Christmas-style Christmas special to be enjoyed makes things all the more delicious. Read Our Review.