Vamps Revenge Game Review

When a werewolf has the audacity to steal the girl of your dreams, there are very few things a vampire can do to get her back. The most obvious would be to fight the werewolf directly, but the vampire in Vamp’s Revenge wants to go bigger than that. He wants to deprive the werewolf of his transforming powers by taking away his source of power: the moon. This triggers the launch-game action of Vamp’s Revenge, which involves you launching yourself into the air and smashing a variety of enemies on your way to the moon. Like any launch game, it’s simply a case of trying, upgrading, and repeating. There are plenty of missions and side-battles to get stuck into however, as well as design quality that’s well above average in the flash game world.

Similarities to Other Games

All you really need to know about the premise of the game is that you’re playing as a vampire trying to reach the moon. To do this, you’re going to propel yourself from a launcher and utilise all manner of strange creatures to keep your momentum going during your flight. There have been plenty of games with this sort of premise, or at very least this format. Vamp’s Revenge happens to be in equal standing with its rivals like Berserk Ball 2, and this is in spite of its limited popularity and niche, vampire-themed subject matter. Perhaps the best-known comparator here is Learn 2 Fly, however, which unlike Vamp’s Revenge, has gone on to be hugely successful and has also made the move to mobile.


Much like in Learn 2 Fly, you begin each launch on the ground and must click the mouse when the rapidly-fluctuating dial is as close to the top as possible. The higher the position of the dial when you launch, the more powerful the initial thrust will be. After this, it’s your job to try and stay in the air as long as possible. The main way to do this is to collide into the weird and wonderful creatures that little the sky on your way up. Most of these creatures can be hit by just left-clicking the mouse. Et more comparisons can be drawn here, this time with Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump. It’s a similar mechanic, with your upwards momentum continuing as long as you’ve got an enemy to spring off each time.

You can’t go upwards forever, though, and particularly not in the early stages where your stats are quite poor. As you launch, you’ll collect coins on your journey that can be spent on upgrades. Primary upgrades include increasing the power of your initial launch, increasing jumping power, and increasing your max number of life points. Your life points, by the way, are essential as these dictate how many times you can fall off the screen (having depleting your energy) before you must start again.

Launch, Upgrade, and Repeat The game, therefore, is all about launching, upgrading, and repeating the process.  It’s a lot more fun than it sounds, however, since there are certain features in addition to the upgrades to keep you interested. Every time you reach a certain height, for example, you reach a portal that whisks you away to a battle. This causes a mini-game to commence in which you float in the middle of the screen, throwing punches at the various enemies until you either kill all the enemies or run out of lives.

Enemies in the sky also vary in their form, as well as their deadliness. Standard enemies simply allow you to spring off them, but some of the fairies in the sky have fangs that dangle underneath. Bump into a fanged fairy, and you’ll end up losing one of your life points. This is when the game becomes as much about reaction times and careful dodging skills as it does simply upgrading and repeating your launches.

An Underrated Launch Game

Vamp’s Revenge has most certainly been overlooked by many, likely in favour of more popular launch games over at like Berserk Ball 2, Learn 2 Fly, and the very similar vertical launch Knightmare Tower. It’s hard to see why it isn’t more popular, however, since even its design is at least as polished as its main rivals. Its artwork is stylish and detailed, particularly at the game’s outset where the premise is explained to the player via colourful storyboard segments. This by far one of the better launch games out there, however, even if it hasn’t achieved the same popularity of its rivals. Its vampire theme gives it a unique edge, too.